What I got from IBV 1st Anniversary

6:51 PM

I finally have an urge to post something on my blog after fifteen full moons and one total eclipse from my last post!

It used to be easy peasy to write miscellaneous things but recently I'm too busy to read others' blogger posts which also contribute to revive my own blog. Deep thanks!

Ok now I'm going to share what I got from Indonesia Beauty Vlogger 1st Anniversary Party sponsored by Benefit on first of May 2016. I won selfie contest (yes, you're reading it right!) and I got free ticket to attend that event.

Meeting Indonesian beauty gurus (who I never knew before) was amazing. I felt like I wanna join that community too (which I would never do because I'm too lame to be MUA -.-")

And oh! by the way this is going to be my first post about beauty. But to make it clear, I'm not a beauty expert so I just blabbing from beauty amateur's point of view.

Below are Benefit products that I got from IBV 1st Anniversary Party:

#1 Roller Lash

I used it once. It makes my lashes look bold from the very first stroke. Unfortunately, when I performed Salat, it was smudging my prayer cloth and it faded away under my lower lashes :( But on the afternoon pray, it did well without smudging or rubbing off.

#2 Benefit POREfessional


I believe a lot of you guys are familiar with this one. Whenever I watch makeup tutorial videos, this baby always spotted, such a high demand product! The texture is very silky and it leaves nice coverage for my blemishes since I have small pores so it can be covered up easily.

#3 They're Real Remover

This is not as good as I expected, it barely removed my makeup. I need to rub my eyes thrice to remove my eye shadow :( Even my less than $1 makeup remover did a better job.

#4 The Big Easy Liquid to Powder SPF 35 Foundation

Well, I'm not a big fan of foundation but this one has a nice medium coverage and I like it because it appears dewy on my face. Also, it has SPF 35 which is perfect for tropical country or summer time.

Ok guys that's all my review and since I got them free, I can't decide whether it's worth it to buy those products at certain prices.

Thank you for reading this and see you on my next beauty posts...


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